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• Engineering Co. for Mechanical Installation

EMI is a leading manufacturer of food and pharmaceutical

equipment production lines and conveyor belts.

• The company has extensive experience in the field of

manufacturing since it was founded in 2008


• Implementing and developing pharmaceutical and food supplies and lines.

• All stainless steel pipes and accessories 304 and 316 and filters.

• Predetermination of specifications and the competencies required to be provided to customers in the field of trade, import, export, and supply of stainless steel.




• Engineering Co. for Mechanical Installation is a limited partnership company, represented by Eng. Magdy Bedair Ishaq. The company was established in 2008, and the company works in the field of mechanical installations, supplies and maintenance work, especially food factories.

• The company consists of engineers, technicians and workers with the high efficiency. The company currently has its corporate headquarters located in plot No. 655 and 657, youth stores zone, 6th of October City, under the name of El Fayroz Factory for Belts manufactures Magdy Bedair Ishaq.


Mendulese (formerly Kraft or Cadbury with its three factories)

  1. Installation of raw chocolate grinding and processing machines 2 ROOL  5ROOL and chocolate conch.

  2. Manufacture, supply and installation of chocolate or butter tanks from 8 tons to 20 tons.

  3. Butter melting machines, capacity from 8 tons / hour to 2 tons / hour.

  4. Cocoamass melting machines from 1/2 tons / hour to 2 tons / hour.

  5. Design and implementation of double wall jacketed pipeline for chocolate or any other product as well supply and installation work.

  6. Production lines installations work as well as assistance with other companies supplying the machines.

  7. Supplying and installing all pumps types

  8. Currently in the biscuit modelez factory we are installing a special line for transporting biscuits from outside Egypt.

Bisco Misr Company

  1. We just finished designing, supplying and installing the POOL MEL chocolate grinding unit.

  2. ingredients: 1 ton conch

  3. 2 chocolate tanks, capacity: 1.2 tons.

  4. Butter melting unit:  ½ tons.

  5. Installation, implementation and commissioning works

  6. The project's electrical panel is equipped with a PLC unit and a screen

  7. Flowmeter unit for butter.

  8. A milling unit was designed and implemented for conch with a capacity of 50 kg, 3 chocolate tanks, 1 butter malting unit for the laboratory, and an electrical panel.

Mass Food

  1. A project has been implemented to produce caramel with special specifications, consisting of 14 tanks, coke, and weighing machines, hot water units, machine . Hi tsher Maxer as well as installations, connections and electricity unit works.

  2. Chocolate grinding units with a capacity of 1 ton, consisting of conch, 2 chocolate tanks, air conditioning works, etc.

  3. conch unit 500 kg.

  4. Platform works at a height of 6meters to transmit a chiller.

Fancy Foods 6 October

  1. Supplying and installing a chocolate grinding unit with a capacity of 1 ton  with its components.

  2. Conch 1.

  3. 2 chocolate tanks.

  4. Butter melting unit.

  5. PLC electrical panel unit.

Egypt Bakery Stores

  1. Manufacturing and supplying bread baking equipment.

  2. Implementation of production air, diesel and water lines.

  3. Oven trolleys.

Some other companies, such as

stores, lifting belts, and elevators, etc.

We hope that our offer satisfies you and we welcome proposals in the interest of the work

Engineering Co. for Mechanical Installation – EMI

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Bread making machine

Technical Specifications:

1 - 220 volts.

2 - The temperature can reach 300 ° C.

3 - All parts are made of stainless steel 304.

4 - Electrical control panel.

caramel cooking unit 200 kg The package

Technical Specifications:

1- It work with steam

2- Special mixer for mixing the caramel inside the Cocker

3- PLC electrical panel.

4- Caramel transmission pump.

5- Dehumidification heat pump.

6- Steam-chimney.

7- Safety and control valves.

Rollers for transporting & storing chocolate 600 kg

Technical Specifications:

1- Scro to empty the unit.

2- Wheels for easy movement.

3- Protection cover

4- Handle to push.

Chocolate grinding unit

Technical Specifications:

1- All parts are made of stainless steel 304.

2-  220/380 Volt

3- . Conch Ball Mill 70 kg double jacket.

4- Double jacket chocolate tank 70 kg .

5- An electrical control panel for the grinding device.

6- Chocolate pumping pump.

7- Water moving pump.

Butter melting unit 500 kg

Technical Specifications:

1 - All parts are made of stainless steel 304.

2 - A double-jacket 500 kg butter tank.

3 - Melting with steam & hot water preservation.

4 - It can be modified to operate with electricity or steam as requested.

Water heating unit

Technical Specifications:

1- It works with electric heaters.

2- An electrical panel for operation and temperature control.

3- Grundfos water pumps 10 liters per hour.

4- Pressure protection valve.

5- A temperature meter.

6- Pressure gauge.

Chocolate grinding unit, double jacket 1 ton

Technical Specifications:

1- All parts are made of stainless steel 304.

2-  Electrical control unit PLC.

3- Gerbomb pump to make elsiculchen.

4- Various sizes of ball bearing suitable for grinding.

5- Two chocolate storage tanks with a capacity of 1200 kg .

6- 2 pumps with tanks.

7- Double jacketed chocolate tubes to connect the unit parts.




The company installing food manufacturing factories

(sweets and drinks factories) such as production lines, forming lines,

filling and packaging lines, food processing and cooking lines:

• Chocolate production line and Coco maxs - Bool Meal - Tyre Machine - Rolls

• Mixers - coco butter melting machine.

• Double jacket pipelines, chocolate, butter, Cocomas   honey, glucose, fructose, sugar solution.

• Pump installation works - Geer Pump - Lob Pump - Center Figure - Mono Pump.


• A specialized maintenance staff from the company performs on-site maintenance (in the factory)

• Or transferring the equipment / machine to our factory in Sixth of October City.

• We supply genuine parts or modify to install a compatible part with the machine.

• Production lines, forming lines, filling and packaging lines, and food processing and cooking lines.




Thanks for submitting!


655 Makhazen El Shabab,

6th of October, Giza


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